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Ingredients: wheat flour or maize flour, water, lard, onion, tomato, vinegar, pecorino cheese.


Method: The “taccù” can be made with wheat flour or maize flour, or with equal amounts of both.  Mix the flour with the water to make a fairly homogenous, consistent dough.  Roll it out to obtain a fairly thick sheet of pasta.  Cut it into strips and cook the “taccù” in boiling salted and then drain them, leaving a little water behind.  Prepare the dressing separately with 50 g of seasoned bacon lard, onion and tomato.The “taccù” can also be served without the tomato, adding instead a little vinegar. In either case sprinkle with grated pecorino cheese.


  • Così si mangiava a Castignano e dintorni. Ricettario di cucina popolare” edited by Archeoclub Archeo Piceno n. 8-9 A. 3 october 1994 – March 1995.


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